Dishwasher tablets, ecocert, 423 g

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Organic and clean saving the environment naturally!


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Clean with a clear conscience!

Clean your dishes in a completely natural way while saving the environment!

Vegan dishwasher tablets made from 100% organic ingredients wash your dishes really efficiently completely without any environmentally harmful ingredients.
These dishwasher tablets do not contain palm oil, chlorine, phosphates, ingredients of animal origin dyes or fragrances. A completely biodegradable product that degrades in water in just a few days. The manufacturing process is clean and environmentally friendly from start to finish and produces no waste at all. The organic cardboard pack contains 23 dishwasher tablets.

Planet Pure dishwasher tablets have been found to clean dishes effectively even at low temperatures, leaving them clear and spotless. Use one tablet at a time with rinse aid and salt.
Ingredients (according to EU 648/2004): 15% -30% oxygen bleach, <5% non-ionic surfactants (plant-based sugar surfactants),
enzymes (protease, amylase - GMO-free) Other ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, bleach activator
TAED, sodium polyaspartate, water, sorbitol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate, bentonite, vegetable oil, sodium salt of succinic acid.
  • Origin Austria
  • EAN: 9120001460113
  • SKU: PLANET-9120001467518