Diffuser AD-22 Ceramic, 100 ml

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The chic ultrasonic diffuser produces fragrant air - that is if you put essential oil in it, otherwise you get a lovely fine vapour that just smells fresh and moisturizes the air.


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Moisture and freshness that makes you feel good, with or without fragrance!

Puhdas+ Ultra Sonic Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to produce fine steam that moistens the air and makes it fresh and fragrant.

When you use the diffuser only when filled with water, it moisturizes the air around you, which is good for your face, skin and airways. Moist air binds dust and reduces its spread. If you want, you can add essential oil to the water, making the diffuser make the room wonderfully fragrant. For example, you can choose a soothing or invigorating oil according to your mood.

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