Matcha green tea powder, 30 g

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The king and queen of teas, at your service.


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The king of teas, at your service.

Did you know that one cup of awesome matcha equals 7-10 cups of green tea if you compare the nutritional values and the amount of antioxidants?

The awesome matcha tea invigorates and focuses the mind, and tastes of pure nature and the ancient wisdom of tea.

Matcha includes e.g. antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins as well as tonics (including small amounts of caffeine). Matcha can also be used as a supplement, for example among smoothies.

Instructions for making a Matcha drink:
1. Preheat the tea bowl or cup with hot water and pour off the water.
2. Measure about half a teaspoon of matcha powder or into a tea bowl or cup. If you own a fine sieve you strain the tea powder to avoid lumps.
3. Slowly pour approx. 75ml of 80C-95C water into the bowl.
4. Mix the matcha with the water with a bamboo whisk (if you don’t own a bamboo whisk, of course a spoon will work). Try to use very fast wrist movements and move the spoon or whisk in a zigzag pattern.
5. Stir the macha for half a minute until there is a dense and beautiful tea foam on the surface of the drink.
6. Enjoy!

Caffeine content of Matcha: Matcha powder contains 32 mg / dose of caffeine when approximately one gram of matcha powder is used per dose. For comparison: coffee contains 80 mg of caffeine / 1.25 dl.

Ingredients: Matcha green tea* * = Organic ingredienser: Matcha, grönt te* * = Ecological

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