Ashwagandha extract powder, 50 g

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Popular ashwagandha as a super effective extract.


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Popular ashwagandha as a super effective extract.

Pureness PuhdistamoAshwagandha extract powder, 50 g. Ashwagandha in extract form is an effective way to take advantage of the health benefits of the Indian herb!

Ashwagandha has become popular among those who feel stressed and who want to help the body recover. In Ayurveda, the Indian folk medicine, ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to assist the body with power and energy.

Ashwagandha is a well-known adaptogen, that has a lot of health-promoting qualities. It helps our body and mind to cope with stress by relaxing and supporting our mental health. It also helps to get better sleep, which is quite understandable since stress usually causes insomnia.

Ashwagandha sounds almost like "a fountain of youth" since it has antioxidant activity, it promotes cardiovascular and respiratory health, reproduction, and rejuvenation, not to mention energy and the skin! Last but not least, it contributes to optimal mental and cognitive activity.

What a powerful gift from nature! Test yourself how it feels!

Dosage for Adults: 1/2 teaspoon mixed with the desired liquid or smoothie.

Please Note: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Health claims / EFSA:

M-2008-1061 2183 - Withania somnifera (common name: Ashwagandha) - Mental Health and relaxation

M-2008-1061 2503 - Withania somnifera (Withania, horse smell, ginseng  Indian, ashwagandha) - Cardiovascular health

M-2008-1061 3251 - Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) - Adaptogenic properties

M-2008-1061 3657 - Withania somnifera - Contributes to optimal mental and cognitive activity

M-2008-1061 4194 - Withania somnifera ROOT - Mental, stress & sleep

M-2008-1061 4195 - Withania somnifera ROOT - Energy

M-2008-1061 4196 - Withania somnifera ROOT - Respiratory

M-2008-1061 4197 - Withania somnifera ROOT - Rejuvenation

M-2008-1061 4198 - Withania somnifera ROOT - Reproduction

M-2008-1061 4199 - Withania somnifera ROOT - Skin

M-2008-1061 4507 - Withania somnifera-roots-Ashwagandha, Winter cherry - Antioxidant Activity


Ashwagandha extract powder

Please note that Puhdistamo’s ashwagandha is now water extracted, so it is also suitable for vegans.

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