Opti MSM + lemon, 200 g

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Opti-MSM powder, refreshingly flavored with lemon! Flexibility is the secret to stability!


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Lemony Opti-MSM powder for your well-being!

Pureness Puhdistamo, Opti MSM + lemon, 200 g. OptiMSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is a sulfur compound that occurs naturally in our bodies. In its pure form, it is an odorless white crystalline powder with a slightly bitter taste. This fine drink is flavored with lemon, so it tastes refreshingly good!

OptiMSM is particularly popular among sports enthusiasts who require mobility (e.g., yoga, martial arts). Opti MSM is also very popular with those interested in the well-being of skin and hair.

Please Note: Do not exceed the daily dose that has been instructed on the package. Remember that a dietary supplement does not replace a versatile diet or healthy life habits. Please, take care that this product is always out of the reach of the children. Thank you!

Ps. Do not eat the moisture-absorbing pouch!


100% Methylsulfonylmethane, lemon juice powder

The recommended daily dose of 1 tablespoon (10 g) contains 6,000 mg of MSM

  • Origin Finland
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