Pukka Herbs Tea Advent Calendar

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24 teabags

Be pleasantly surprised every day before Christmas! A magical journey and countdown to beloved holidays, different delicious organic tea for each day in December!


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Joyful surprise daily before Christmas!

Here's the incredible Pukka tea calendar to tickle your taste buds and help you look forward to magical Christmas.

The Tea Advent Calendar contains 24 different organic teas - a unique taste experience for every day of the happy holidays season. Make the winter winds blow and the upcoming Christmas rush disappear by enjoying a sizzling hot cup of tea to start your morning or brighten up your evening.

The Tea Advent Calendar Christmas Tea is an indulgence pack for grown-ups.

Be pleasantly surprised every day! This tea tree may well have some beneficial effects on your well-being.

Enjoy delicious soothing Tea moments during the festive season and Merry Christmas!

Revitalise: 100% organic ingredients: cinnamon, orange peel, elderflower, cardamom, liquorice root, ginger, green tea, spearmint, clove, black pepper.

Afterdinner: naturally decaffeinated, 100% organic and ethically selected ingredients: roasted chicory root (24%), sweet anise seed, fennel seed (20%), liquorice root, cardamom (8%), orange peel, ginger.

Night time: oat sprout* (30%), licorice root*, chamomile*, lavender flower* (14%), linden flower (10%), valerian root*, tulip leaves*. *Ecologically certified ingredient.

Lemon, ginger & manuka tea: Ginger* 32%, licorice root*, elderflower*, fennel*, lemon verbena*, turmeric*, lemon herb*, lemongrass* 4%, lemon essential oil*, manuka honey* 2%

Elderberry & Echinacea tea: licorice root*, ginger*, echinacea root* and leaf* 10%, beetroot*, anise*, elderflower* 8%, peppermint*, orange peel*, elderberry* 6%, rosehip*, acerola*, orange essential oil*, natural blackcurrant aroma*.

Three cinnamon Naturally decaffeinated, 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: Vietnamese cinnamon (60%), Indonesian cinnamon (16%), liqorice root, Indian cinnamon (10%).

Original chai 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: cinnamon (40%), black tea (20%), ginger (20%), cardamom (10%), liquorice root.

Relax Naturally decaffeinated, 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: sweet fennel seed (24%), chamomile (18%), licorice root, oat sprout flower, cardamom, ginger, marsh-mallow root (10%).

Mint refresh Naturally decaffeinated, 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: peppermint (50%), licorice root, sweet fennel seed (10%), hibiscus flower, rosehip (5%), coriander seed.

Three ginger Naturally decaffeinated, 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: ginger (52%), galangal root (28%), licorice root, turmeric (4%).

Wild apple & cinnamon Naturally decaffeinated, 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: ceylon cinnamon (20%), licorice root, ginger (14%), orange peel, chamomile, cinnamon (6%), wild mint (6%), cardamom, orange essential oil flavour, ceylon cinnamon essential oil flavour (2%), clove.

Blackcurrant beauty Naturally decaffeinated, ethically selected and organic ingredients: rosehip*, hibiscus flower*, licorice root*, sweet fennel seed*, orange peel, beetroot*, blackcurrant* (4%), natural blackcurrant flavouring (4%), orange essential oil flavouring*. *Organic production 99.9%.

Peppermint & licorice Naturally decaffeinated, 100% ethically selected and organic ingredients: peppermint (60%), licorice root (40%). Contains licorice - people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption of this product.

Supreme Matcha Green Senchate (34%), Indian green tea (32%), Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea (32%), Matcha powder (Jeju Island Emerald) (2%).

Lean Matcha Green Oolong tea* (20%), ginger root* (14%), sweet fennel seed* (14%), bitter fennel seed* (12%), Ceylon cinnamon stick* (10%), sweet cinnamon* (6%), turmeric root*, lemon oil essential flavour*, dandelion root*, black peppercorns*, matcha powder* (2%), trifala* (amla*, bibhitaki*, haritaki*). *Organically certified ingredient. 

Turmeric Gold organically grown and ethically produced ingredients: turmeric root (40%), Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea (20%), liquorice root, cardamom capsule, essential lemon oil flavor (6%), whole lemon (6%), lemon verbena. Wonder Berry Green Tea* (24%), peppermint* (12%), ginger*, licorice root*, beetroot*, acerola fruit*, echinacea (leaf and root)*, elderberry*, rosehip* (4%), essential orange oil flavour*, natural blackcurrant flavour. *Organic ingredients (99.9%). Turmeric Active Turmeric root* (30%), ginger root* (26%), galangal root* (14%), liquorice root*, nettle leaf*, celery root*, cardamom root*, essential orange oil flavor*, trifala* (amla*, bibhitaki*, haritaki*). *Organically certified ingredient.

Three Licorice Kazakh licorice root (45%), Georgian licorice root (45%), Pakistani licorice root (10%). NOTE! Contains licorice. People suffering from high blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption. Three Chamomile Egyptian chamomile flower (90%), Croatian chamomile flower (5%), Hungarian chamomile flower (5%). Three Fennel Sweet fennel seed (50%), wild fennel seed (bitter) (45%), fennel leaf (5%). Tulsi Clarity Organic basil leaf blend (green Rama tulsi, purple Krishna tulsi, lemon Vana tulsi). Licorice & Cinnamon Licorice root (25%), cocoa bean, roasted chicory root, cardamom capsule, cinnamon stick (15%), fennel seed. NOTE! Contains licorice. People suffering from hypertension should avoid consumption. Feel New Anise seed* (42.5%), fennel seed (sweet)* (22.5%), cardamom capsule* (15%), licorice root*, coriander*, turmeric root*. *Organically certified ingredient.

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"The loveliest advent calendar for the friend of tea! With this calendar, you get to taste 24 different teas at a reasonable price – maybe even find your new favorite one!"

- Johanna