Rå Hygge Lion´s Mane coffee, 227 g

Rå Hygge Lion´s Mane coffee, 227 g

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Hello coffee lovers! Here comes organic coffee that has spiced up with Lion´s mane mushroom! Lion´s mane has a devoted fan club, why don´t you taste this fine coffee and join them!


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Rå Hygge Lion´s Mane coffee, 226 g. Medium roasted organic Arabica coffee with a hint of Lion´s mane welcomes the fabulous day!

This refreshing coffee tastes great and Lion´s Mane brings a bit of umami taste to this coffee. Lion´s mane has devoted fans who like to drink this coffee when they want to focus on something. 

Lion´s mane mushroom extract powder is one of the most interesting mushrooms. Tea made from Lion´s Mane has been enjoyed for centuries in Japan.

This mushroom extract powder is ready to use instantly! What could be a better way to improve your health than drinking coffee in the mornings!


Test and prepare to fall in love!



Ingredients: Organic Arabica coffee (98%), organic double-extracted Lion's mane (hericum erinacea) (2%). The strength of the extract is 4520 mg/pack or 226 mg/cup. Middle roast. 

  • Origin Peru
  • EAN: 5700002148896
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