Volumizing dry shampoo, 51 g

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Wash your hair instantly - with an easy dry shampoo of high quality!


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An instant hair wash – with dry shampoo!

Can it be any easier to wash your hair?! Rahua's 100% natural, thickening dry shampoo that cleanses and thickens the scalp and hair without water. Also perfect for hairstyling!

The innovative and recyclable packaging of this great product works like a propellant spray bottle, but completely without an aerosol. In the composition of the dry shampoo, e.g. tapioca starch and clay made from cassava, which absorbs grease and dirt from the scalp and leaves a solid base for the hairstyle.

The antiseptic star anise, in turn, helps keep the scalp clean and brings a fresh clean scent to the dry shampoo. Suitable for hair of all colors.

Use: Rotate the top of the bottle, shake and squeeze. Spray directly on the hair root. If necessary, comb your hair or style with your fingers. You can use dry shampoo in the same way as a styling product.

Rahua, a 100% natural luxury series based on the traditional teachings and beauty rituals of women from the Quenchua-Shuar tribe living in the Amazon rainforest, was developed by New York hairstylist Fabian Lliguin. Rahua (pronounced Ra-wa) is a nourishing and emollient oil that women of the tribe apply to their hair to make them smooth, shiny, and thick. Rahua's luxury products are 100% natural in origin. Products made from organic quality ingredients are suitable for vegans. They also do not contain parabens or sulfates.

INCI: Fuller's earth (Clay), Organic Tapioca Starch (Cassava root), Illicium Verum (Star Anise), Vanilla Planifolia, Citric Acid.

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