Glass Bottle, 50 ml

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Your favourite products - always with you on the go!


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Your favourite products - always with you on the go!

An empty, high quality 50ml glass bottle, much requested by our great customers, where you can store your homemade cosmetics or take your favourite products with you on the go!

The travel size bottle is made of glass and the cap is a tight fit. The glass bottle is commonly used in the natural cosmetics and food supplement industries.


Height 9.8 cm

Bottom diameter 3.7 cm

Opening diameter 1.1 cm

You can easily store any of your favourite products in the glass bottle, so everything you need is easily carried along. Wherever in the world you decide to travel, you'll always have a wonderful experience with the products you know!
  • Origin Germany
  • EAN: 555
  • SKU: SKU000000158