Ruohonjuuri Surprise Bag

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Ruohonjuuri surprise bag to bring you sparkling joy!


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Ruohonjuuri's surprise bag brings joy to life!

Surprise yourself happily and "spend Christmas" whenever you want!


The contents of Ruohonjuuri's surprise bag vary - each bag is unique and has different contents. Inside the surprise bag, you find a varied combination of Ruohonjuuri's fantastic products. The surprise bag contains, for example, natural cosmetics, organic food and health food, and healthy delicacies. (You may not find all of these in every bag).


The price of the surprise bag is 19,90 € and the value of the content is more than 40 euros (if you bought the products one by one at the normal price from our online store).


There are 4-5 different products in each surprise bag.


NOTE! Some surprise bag products may have, a shorter date than normal. The surprise bag is one of the major actions we take to prevent wastage. So the surprise bag makes the world a little better!

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 912012
  • SKU: RJ-912012