Traveller Mustard Touch 0,6 l

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Sigg is your choice if you appreciate fresh chemical-free drinks and long-lasting high quality.


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SIGG, the tribute to freshwater!

Traveller Mustard Touch 0,6 l. One Zero Waste Sigg bottle beats up thousand of plastic ones! And this is not just saying! Australian university actually calculated, that one SIGG bottle replaces over 2.000 plastic ones during its lifecycle! Choose this ecological drinking bottle for your daily use. It does not contain any chemicals. These bottles are truly leakproof because every bottle is made with one aluminium component, sour there are no seams that could leak.

EcoCare® patented inside makes sure there won´t be any extra detached from the bottle into your drink. Also, this flexible coating makes it possible to carry on sour drinks, milk and carbohydrate drinks in this fantastic bottle.

SIGG is famous for good quality and these bottles manufactured in Switzerland are ecological because of their very long lifecycle. What´s best, these bottles are 100 % recyclable.

  • Origin Switzerland
  • EAN: 7610465877708
  • SKU: SIGG-7610465877708

"Quite handy bottle for every occasion! Light material makes it easy to carry along with longer trip."

- Tiia