Elixir Serum Sensitive, 30 ml

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Straight from the beautiful Taiga forests to you.


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Soothing serum for skin irritations straight from nordic forests.

An effective, versatile treatment serum for sensitive and irritated skin.


The serum is rich in northern natural super-active ingredients, such as spruce branch base extract and lingonberry seed oil.


The powerful pack nourishes, moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin. Spreads easily, leaving the skin pleasantly soft. A few pumps are enough!


Apply to cleansed face, neck and décolleté morning and evening before face cream.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430019201060
  • SKU: TAIGA-6430019201060
  • Packaging text: EN, FI, JP, RU, SE