Strong Mint gum, 21 g

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A tasty invention for the joy of the whole planet! True Gum is plastic-free, vegan, and biodegradable xylitol chewing gum!


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Mother earth says thank you!

A wonderful invention for nature lovers! True Gum is a biodegradable xylitol chewing gum made entirely from natural ingredients. Strong Mint is filled with a cool freshness that effectively refreshes the mouth. Most current chewing gums are packed with petrochemical ingredients (plastics), aspartame (artificial sweetener), and hormone disruptors (synthetic antioxidants BHA and BHT, labeled with codes E320 and E321). True Gum is completely plastic-free and uses only the highest quality natural raw materials. True Gum uses chicle rubber instead of conventional plastics, made from the sapodilla tree's milk fluid (Manilkara zapota). Thanks to the natural chicle gum, True Gum stays soft longer. The moisture is increased by organic glycerin, which, like everything else, is plant-based and does not contain GMO ingredients. True Gum is sweetened with low-calorie natural sweeteners, stevia from the plant leaves, and xylitol from Finnish birch trees! The recommended daily dose of Xylitol is 5 grams. It is obtained by chewing two pieces of True Gum after each meal. True Gum has a xylitol content of 22%. True Gum contains nothing artificial, and the taste is no exception.
  • Origin Denmark
  • EAN: 5745000121038
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