Gluten-free licorice, 100 g

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A true licorice and popular gluten-free treat for you to enjoy!


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Gluten-free pleasure!

Fresh gluten-free traditional Made in Finland licorice. No added oil or fat, no additives.

A mouthwatering gluten-free treat!

Ingredients: sugar syrup, oat flour, sugar cane molasses, licorice extract, charcoal, natural flavouring (aniseed oil).

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6419161600150
  • SKU: WALTON-6419161700010

"The perfect treat for the sensitive stomach! Gluten-free licorice is the hero´s that soothes the aching sweet tooth."

- Reetta

"This licorice is the savior of wheat sensitive stomach! Lovely soft and delicious gluten-free licorice blows your mind! When you taste one, you're gone!"

- Johanna

"So soft and tasty that it melts in the mouth, full of pure ingredients. A little luxury for gluten-free life!"

- Riia