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Of the gua sha tools, the gua sha comb is the most versatile; suitable for face, body, and scalp!


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Of the gua sha tools, the gua sha comb is the most versatile; suitable for face, body, and scalp!

The Ruohonjuuri staff voted Gua sha by Katja Koko's Gua Shas and facial rollers the best self-care product of 2020.

A comb made of the jade stone is the number one Gua Sha tool due to its versatility.

The awesome comb is suitable for handling the whole body - from head to toe.

Beneficial effects of Gua Sha facial massage :

- activates the blood circulation in the skin -> oxidized blood travels upwards to the surface layers of the skin to nourish tissues and skin cells -> skin regenerates faster

- stimulates the circulation of lymph fluids

- removes swelling of the face and under the eyes

- brightens and "opens your eyes"

- can reduce impurities

- can reduce pigment spots

- increase the production of collagen and elastin

- smoothes wrinkles and firms sagging skin

- improves the absorption of substances into the skin

Gua Sha is not recommended if :

- the skin is damaged or inflamed

- there is rosacea, acne, or perioral dermatitis on the skin

- if fillers or injections have been applied to the skin in the last three months

Usage :
Gua Sha treatment uses a lubricant to make the device glide comfortably on the skin - quality skin oil is the best lubricant. Do Gua sha treatment at the end of your normal skincare routine. First, moisturize the skin with toner, then apply oil to the skin. You can also use serum and moisturizer normally before applying the oil. Use body oil for the body.

After use, clean the comb with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. If you use the tool to treat others, it should also be disinfected.

Jade stone
  • Origin China
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"I love this product! I use it to firm and relax facial muscles. The comb fits tight in hand and feels heavenly in body and scalp too."

- Suvi