Natural Balance Tea, 34 g

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Harmonious Natural Balance Tea balances the mood and ayurvedic doshi. Shiitake mushrooms give it a unique umami taste.


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Ayurvedic Doshi balancing herbal tea with shiitake mushrooms!

Yogi Tea's Natural Balance is a taste sensation that balances the taste buds and mood, helping even when the moment is weak and support is needed.

TIP: A surprising combination that tastes great: Yogi Tea's Natural Balance herbal tea with a pinch of quality salt! The umami flavour is infused with shiitake mushrooms for an umami experience. This makes Natural Balance herbal tea flavoured with salt a meaty, savoury sip that warms the body in the winds and whirlwinds! Lemongrass, liquorice root, moringa and dried kombucha are among the flavours that make your taste buds tingle in this dosh-balancing novelty. Try it if you dare!

The combination of lemongrass, liquorice root and shiitake mushroom is an enticing, multi-flavoured and balancing tea.

Yogi Tea (USA) has been making its legendary Ayurvedic tea blends, based on organic herbs and spices, for 40 years. Yogi Tea has more than 40 different tea blends supporting health. Yogi Tea works following the highest ethical principles in collaboration with farmers and other partners, bearing its social and environmental responsibilities.
Ingredients: lemon grass*, liquorice*, shiitake mushroom*, fenugreek*, elderflower*, linden flowers*, basil*, moringa*, dried kombucha drink*
* Certified organic
  • Origin Germany
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