Polishing Mitt

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Here's a handy Polishing Mitt to help exfoliate your skin (for example, before using self-tanning creams). This Polishing Mitt also boosts collagen production!


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This Polishing Mitt also boosts collagen production – try it out and experience its power!

This Polishing Mitt contains thin copper wires that help the skin produce more collagen. Exfoliation also improves the condition and circulation of the skin and makes the skin look beautiful and healthy. The Polishing Mitt helps reduce cellulite. How to Use: Apply a small amount of body scrub to the Polishing Mitt and peel the skin thoroughly. Rub the product on the skin in a rotating motion, paying special attention to the driest areas, like knees and elbows. Rinse skin thoroughly. Rinse the Polishing Mitt after use and let it dry.

  • Origin Australia
  • EAN: 812144013194
  • SKU: ZUII-812144013194