A promise of gut well-being

Health is one of the most important things we have. So let's invest in health! It´s good to start with the well-being of the gut. So get your diet in order and your gut bacteria in balance.
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Good food for the individual

The gut loves tender care and the key factor is nutrition. There is no one-size-fits-all diet and the most appropriate food is always individual. For most of us, vegetarian-focused food supplemented with good sources of protein and good fats is suitable. Good quality protein is obtained e.g. from fish and poultry, high in protein nuts, sour-milk products, peas and beans. It´s good to use a variety of fats: running vegetable oils, fatty fish and delicious nuts. It´s important to calm down during meals and remembering to chew well. Proper fiber intake is also important for gut function. Fiber is obtained form whole grains and vegetables. Proper fluid intake, balance of exercise and rest, and avoiding too much stress are also important.

Intestinal bacteria for health

The various bacteria in the gut have a big responsibility in maintaining our well-being. They maintain a suitable bacterial flora where bad bacteria and yeasts do not prevail. They are also involved in digestion and produce important nutrients for humans. Such are, for example, short-chain fatty acids, which can maintain the condition of the intestinal mucosa and balance the body's cholesterol production. Food has a significant effect on intestinal bacteria. A diet rich in vegetables and whole grains keeps good bacteria happy.

The promise of well-being

The gut is the cradle of health. The condition of the gut affects the well-being of the whole body, and if the gut is not well you can feel it: take better care of the intestines. The well-being of the gut is transmitted to the whole body and also radiates outwards as a healthy glow.

Probiotics as a daily partner

Bioteekin Probiotic is a popular series of lactic acid bacteria: a high-quality series designed in Finland. The series includes suitable products for all ages:

- Bioteekin Probiotic Comp is a strong and versatile probiotic product that has been developed in collaboration with Finland's leading probiotic experts. Comp contains four studied lactic acid bacterial strains, glutamine amino acid and biotin, which all are important for intestinal well-being. The product is suitable for everyday use, even for the most demanding situations.

Bioteekin Probiotic Plus contains four studied lactic acid bacterial strains and their growth aids. Probiotic Plus is a great universal product for everyday use.

- Bioteekin Probiotic Immuno is suitable for use when there is a need to promote the normal functioning of the defense system. It contains four studied strains of lactic acid bacteria as well as vitamins C and D, which maintain strong resistance.

- Bioteekin Probiotic Strong is a very strong probiotic preparation that contains two much-studied strains of lactic acid bacteria. The product is especially suitable for cure-like use in more difficult situations and during medications.

- Bioteekin probiotic Baby drop contains Bifidobacterium Bb-12 bacteria which is suitable for the baby's gut. The product can already be used in newborns, and there are studies of the bacteria used in people of all ages. The probiotic Baby + D also contains a daily dose of vitamin D.

- Bioteekin Probiotic Junior is a good-tasting chewable tablets that contains two much-studied strains of lactic acid bacteria and also contains vitamin C. The product is suitable for children of play age and older, including adults.

It´s a good idea to keep lactic acid bacteria as a daily partner or at least as a loyal friend e.g. during antibiotic cure.


Author: Leea Pelto