niDRA: Good sleep, better life

If you can't sleep, nothing feels good - as a huge number of sleep-deprived fellow travelers have found out. Even if the journey to the sleepy island is a bumpy one, there is no point in giving up hope.
niDRA: Good sleep, better life

There are many kind of sleepers. Some catch up on sleep immediately, while others stay in bed for a long time. Some sleep soundly from dusk till dawn while others wake up at the slightest noise. But for the sleep-deprived, relief is on the way.

Quick relief from sleep problems

Tom, who leads a fast-paced life, started suffering from sleep problems a couple of years ago. Tom and his wife Maibritt had been hard workers, but the busy pace of life brought a lot of stress. Life was a balancing act, but they both loved their work and made it work. So although everything was basically fine, sleep problems came into play and put Tom's wellbeing in a tailspin.

Fortunately, his wise wife Maibritt found surprising help in Ayurvedic methods, which he had been interested in for years. After much experimentation, Maibritt came across niDRA, a product based on Ayurvedic knowledge and containing saffron and KSM66 ashwagandha extracts. Saffron and ashwagandha have traditionally been used to aid sleep and calm the body - and specifically at the same time. During sleep, these extracts have a positive, surprisingly effective synergistic effect.

With NiDRA, Tom's sleep problems quickly subsided - sleep was restored within days.

Why does niDRA work? 

NiDRA's effect is based on the extracts contained in the product: the saffron extract of Affron and KSM66-ashwagandha extract, which have been proven in 30 recent scientific studies - and also in a long tradition of use in Ayurveda. NiDRA helps people sleep better because it gets to the root of sleep problems.

The KSM66 and Affron extracts in niDRA have mutually reinforcing properties that give an extra boost to help overcome sleep problems. This is why the product is effective in promoting relaxation, mental balance and positive mood. It facilitates falling asleep, boosts recovery and supports the body even at the weakest moments - for example, when nervousness, tension and anxiety try to take over.

There's an old saying that everyone has their own way of doing things, and the same goes for sleep. Sleep is, after all, a very complex thing. Some of us can't sleep at all, while others wake up many times during the night. If you can't sleep, you get frustrated, stressed and under pressure.

NiDRA has been developed to eliminate stress, tension and restlessness. Several clinical trials have shown that the product can do a lot of good. It makes it easier to fall asleep, and if you wake up in the night, you can quickly catch up on sleep. Another advantage of niDRA is that you can use it for as long as you need. It's not addictive and does not make you tired during the day, quite the opposite. By helping the body to relax and sleep successfully, energy levels also increase. For the best effect, it's recommended to take niDRA both in the morning and in the evening.

The health claims used in this article are based on health claims registered by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority): saffron (affron) promotes relaxation, emotional balance and a positive mood, while ashwagandha (KSM66) facilitates falling asleep, promotes recovery and supports the body in times of nervousness, tension and restlessness.