Let’s Build a Fairer World Together!

We can build a fairer world together, by following these principles:


 Only Good Products

Every Ruohonjuuri product is a better choice for people and the environment. We know the backgrounds of our products and how to help our customers on the basis of proactive service.

Only good products | Happy Food Store


 On the Side of Small Producers

We work closely with the small companies that manufacture and import our products. We take our partners seriously, investing in long-standing cooperation with them.
On the side of small producers | Happy Food Store


 Feelgood Factor Spreads

When a person feels good, they spread feelgood factor around them. We want the staff and customers of Ruohonjuuri to be happy in their daily lives.

Feelgood factor spreads | Happy Food Store


 Paying it Forward

Ruohonjuuri is owned by private individuals and Finnish NGOs. We donate both money and products to charity every month of the year.

Pass it forward | Happy Food Store