Ruohonjuuri's monthly donations

Ruohonjuuri monthly donations

For years, Ruohonjuuri has donated the entire monthly return of one month's campaign product, the "Goodie product", to one of the donation destinations chosen by our customers. A big thank you to our customers who have done good with us - together our choices have an impact!

Our donations 2022 

May 2022: UN Women Finland

We are donating the proceeds of the May campaign from Kaurilan Sauna's blackcurrant shampoo bar to UN Women Finland for gender equality work.

April 2022: Pilke magazine

We donate the proceeds of Mettä Nettle Crush (100 g) to Pilke magazine, which promotes the rights of sexual minorities and gender minorities.

March 2022: Raide ry

In March, all proceeds from Urtekram Liquid Lavender Hand Soap will be donated to the Raide ry association, which aims to promote the well-being of young people, provide support and discussion assistance, and organise themed events and camps for young people.

February 2022: UN Emergency Fund for Ukraine

We donate to charity every month and for our part we want to support Ukraine by donating €5,000 to the UN Emergency Fund for Ukraine.

February 2022: Kodittomat Bulgarian Koirat ry

We donated all the proceeds of the English Tea Shop's chocolate and vanilla rooibos in February (€539.22) to the Association for Homeless Bulgarian Dogs.
The association will use the proceeds from the campaign to sterilise street dogs and cats and pets of low-income families.

January 2022: Venner

We are donating all proceeds from The Ginger People ginger juice campaign for the month of January to Venner, which provides boxes of nutritious food to vulnerable people in need. Indulge - and do some good at the same time!

Our donations 2021

December 2021: Peace Union of Finland (Cafetoria Pai Mu Tan - white tea)

We donated the entire proceeds of the December campaign (€321.37) of the white Pai Mu Tan tea to the  to build world peace. Peace union of Finland is an expert on peace issues and the umbrella organization for many Finnish peace organisations. It believes that peace comes by building. Thank you to all those who have contributed with their choices!


November 2021: Rhodes Homeless Animals Association (Murtola Hemp Farm's blue hemp groat mix)

We donated the entire November campaign proceeds (698 euros) of the Murtola Hemp Farm's Blue Hemp Groat Mix to Rhodes Homeless Animals Association Finland. Founded in 2016, the rescue association helps homeless cats and dogs on the Greek island of Rhodes. Thank you to all our customers who joined in giving to the cause!

October 2021: SA Cares for Life (Good Sleep Herbal Tea)

We donated the proceeds of the entire October campaign of the METTÄ Nordic series Good Sleep Herbal Tea (EUR 515.06) through the Finnish Interpedia ry to the work of SA Cares for Life in South Africa to improve the lives of people living in the Plastic City slums. The donations will be used to provide plastic City's families with children with food, clothing and hygiene items, and to arrange access to a doctor for the children. Proceeds will also support the operation of a kindergarten and container school in the slum. Thank you to all our good customers!

September 2021: Erkkajoogan vertaiset ry (Andesan Pop-amaranth)

We donated the entire proceeds of the Andesan Pop-amaranth campaign for September (€581,23) to the Erkkajoogan vertaiset ry. Founded in December 2020, the association will organize the first yoga teacher training for people with intellectual disabilities in Finland - and reportedly in the world - in autumn 2021. Thank you to all those who have done good with us!

August 2021: Lahdenperä ry (Finnish hemp oil from Impola farm)

We donated the entire proceeds of the August hemp oil campaign of the Impola farm (EUR 753.66) to Lahdenperä ry. Lahdenperä ry is a non-profit association of culture, well-being, and sustainable development, which strives to increase awareness of ecological values. Lahdenperä ry organizes environmental-themed courses for young people to become active environmentalists instead of passive and anxious. Thank you to everyone who made a difference!

July 2021: Finnish Refugee Advice Center (Humble fresh mango smoothie)

We donated the proceeds of Humble’s fresh mango smoothies for the entire July campaign (€ 247.31) to the Finnish Refugee Advice Center. Refugee advice center provides legal advice and legal assistance to asylum seekers, refugees, and the undocumented in Finland. Refugee advice center specializes in assisting vulnerable people (such as children, victims of torture and human trafficking, and gender minorities). Thank you to everyone who did something good!

June 2021: Baltic Sea Action Group (A&M Natural Products hemp cream)

We donated the entire proceeds of the June campaign (€415.65) of A&M Natural Products' domestic hemp cream to the Baltic Sea Action Group, which works to save the Baltic Sea. A big thank you to everyone who did good!

May 2021: Clean Baltic Sea project (Attitude universal cleaning spray)

We donated the entire May campaign proceeds (EUR 796.11) from the Attitude universal cleaning spray to the John Nurminen Foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projects. Our donation will help the Foundation to safeguard the well-being of the Baltic Sea. The Clean Baltic Sea projects are fighting the biggest environmental problem in the Baltic Sea Eutrophication. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the campaign!

April 2021: Tunnetaitoja kaikille ry (Bertil's Health almond-oil)

We donated the entire proceeds of the Bertil ́s Health almond oil campaign in April (€881,45) to the Emotional Skills for All Association. The aim of Emotional Skills for All is to get the safe expression of emotions into the Declaration of Human Rights and thus contribute to the acceptance of emotions and the creation of a safer emotional culture. Thank you to all those who have done good!

March 2021: Garbage a day -movement (Tabitha Eve cleaning cloths)

We donated the entire March campaign proceeds from the Tabitha Eve's Zero Waste Reusable Cleansing Pads to the Litter Movement: Pick up a piece of litter every day! The Litter Movement encourages everyone to collect at least one garbage a day from the ground to clean up the environment. Garbage collection involves the idea that people are valuable and deserve a clean and tidy environment.

February 2021: Malawi Association for Children and Youth (Beautiful Plant Micellar Water)

We donated the entire February proceeds from the Beautiful Plant micellar water (€431,88) to the Malawi Association for Children and Youth. The proceeds will help to build a school in the Malawian village of Muona. Thank you to everyone who participated, together we are changing the world!

January 2021: Hard Luck Paws ry (King Soba Buckwheat Noodles)

We donated the entire proceeds from the King Soba Buckwheat Noodles campaign in January (€795.83) to Hard Luck Paws to help homeless animals. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the treat and participated!