The Finnish sauna treatment and relaxation

When the songs of the sauna stove are playing, stress from daily life will be forgotten. A sauna is good for the mind as well as the body. In this article, sauna therapist Terhi Ruutu takes a deeper look at sauna bathing and sauna treatments.
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There is wisdom and philosophy in taking a sauna. Finnish sauna culture is characterized by its tolerance, and everyone can rest on the benches according to their own preferences. In the sauna we are free and in touch with our own roots. There are no strict rules, but sauna is based on listening to your own body. Community, relaxation and wisdom are also associated with Finnish sauna bathing.

Because there is no performance involved, we are free from our everyday roles. What remains is the naked and authentic essence of each individual. Roles are replaced by gentleness and acceptance, and everyone is equally valuable just as they are.

Taking a sauna contributes to our overall well-being and makes happy

In addition to the physical health benefits of sauna bathing, it also improves mental well-being. By improving the well-being of the circulatory system, stress is relieved. The body relaxes and often, for example, sleep quality improves.

- The sauna releases a hormone called the 'feel-good' hormone, which helps to relieve pain, among other things. It's also known that people who often take a sauna feel happier than those who don't," says sauna therapist Terhi Ruutu.

- Meeting other people, creating a sense of community and thus preventing loneliness also contributes to a person's overall well-being, she adds.

Deepen your sauna experience at home!

You can create your own ritual of relaxation and calming by repeating things routinely in the sauna.

- Throughout the ages, taking a sauna has been a ritual to move from work to freedom, from the mundane to the sacred. For example, taking a sauna after a day of telecommuting is a good way to transition from work to leisure, the sauna therapist tips and promises:

- The more often you sauna, the faster your nervous system will learn to relax in the sauna. This way, even a short time in the sauna becomes a restorative experience.

You can also think of your sauna as a moment of self-care and nurturing, rather than washing. By adding sauna treatments to your sauna experience, you can make it more nurturing and fun. By thinking before each sauna session about what kind of care your body needs today, you will also learn to listen to your body's messages. Even without a sauna, you can turn your daily wash into a moment of self-care.

According to Terhi Ruutu, Finnish sauna bathing is suitable for almost everyone, precisely because of its permissiveness. You can also learn how to take a sauna and there are easy tips to make it a more pleasant experience:

- Putting your feet up on the wall to ease the heart's work, cold foot baths, adequate hydration before the sauna and a sauna hat will help many beginners cope with the heat of the sauna. The sauna does not have to be hot either. It's also nice to do treatments in the mild heat and stay a little longer," says the sauna therapist.

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Sauna bathing is a great hobby

A sauna is often a social and collective event and is often associated with various celebrations. Sauna-goers are a happy bunch and it's easy to meet new people in public saunas. They often share an open and cheerful attitude to life. Finland was voted for the happiest nation worldwide many years now and maybe sauna is one of the happiness contributors!

It's also a good way to take time for oneself in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Using a sauna at home does not require any special planning or scheduling - everything happens naturally. It's also easy to make sauna treatments at home, as many people have plenty of sauna supplies in their cupboards, such as salt, honey, sugar, coffee grounds, oatmeal, etc.

Terhen is all about sauna culture and experiences

Sauna therapist Terhi Ruutu has founded Terhen, a company focused on sauna experiences, whose name comes from Terhenetär or Terhenneiti, who sifts through the mist in the Finnish national epic Kalevala. In ancient religion, terhen has meant fog, mist and haze. In the Kalevala, Terhenneiti was the goddess of mist, oblivion and enchantment, who, distant and wistful, sifts through the mist as it rises.

- With Terhen we want to promote a modern sauna culture that combines sauna treatments, culture, encounters and discussions, respecting traditions. We want to bring natural, holistic well-being into people's everyday lives and we also believe in the healing power of beauty," Terhi says.

Terhen organizes a variety of sauna experiences, from weekend retreats to hour-long Sauna therapy events focusing on sauna wellness and sauna treatments.

Terhen sauna products support a holistic, nurturing sauna experience, and the materials and manufacturers of the products are carefully selected with an emphasis on made in Finland.

Terhi Ruutu, the expert in this article, is a Helsinki-based sauna therapist, founder of the Terhen brand and author of Sauna therapy - Recipes for Well-being.