Body Oils
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Nutritious body oils nourish the body like never before!  

Body oils are one of the best ways to moisturize your skin, and soften it like magic! Most body oils can be used on the face or mixed with body cream. You can also use body oils with Gua Sha rollers. Find your perfect body oil match in Ruohonjuuri's wide selection. We have massage oils too! Now you can pamper your loved ones with a relaxing massage. These oils will relax muscles and help with tension. 

Tip: Massages help with detoxing your body and improving surface circulation, among other amazing benefits. Specifically, people who work in offices will enjoy shoulder-neck massages, and those who work on their feet all day will get new power after a foot massage!  

Artic Treatment Oil with Hemp & Oat, 50 ml
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Argan Oil (Argan Oil), 50 ml
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Monoi Dry Oil + Argan, 100 ml
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