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Ruohonjuuri Gives a Bit of Taste Into Your Life!

We have a good selection of high-quality edible oils that are good for you and the environment. Don’t forget, honey, the natural sweetener, which is suitable for cooking of all kinds. 

High-quality sauces and clean, unprocessed salts bring out new flavors in everyday ingredients. Our spice and sauce selection puts the finishing touches on your dishes. We encourage you to try different things! Let Ruohonjuuri spice up your life!

Ceylon cinnamon, ground, 400 g
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Yarrow, 20 g
6,50 €
Terra creta
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml
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Bertil's Health - Valioravinto
Yeast Flakes, (Brewer's yeast flakes), 110 g
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Ceylon cinnamon, ground, 80 g
3,50 € Regular price 4,50 € Sale price