Monthly Goodie product

Monthly Goodie product

For years, Ruohonjuuri has donated the entire month's profit of one month's campaign product every month to a donation destination chosen by our customers. A big thank you to our customers who have done good with us - together, our choices have an impact!


Syyskuun 2023 Goodie product

We are donating the entire September proceeds of Frantsila's Revitalizing herbal clay mask to Women’s Line. Women's Line implements

its purpose by supporting women and girls who have experienced violence and are afraid of it, as well as their loved ones. Donations guarantee support and help for those who need it.

July & August 2023 Goodie product

We donate Aduki Fig's 300 g proceeds from July and August to the Youth Support Center Nuoli, which helps homeless young people 24/7. With the help of donations, hygiene products, underwear, warm clothes, and shoes are offered, and activities encouraging sobriety are organized. Let's build a better tomorrow for young people together.

June 2023 Goodie product

We are donating the Emma Noël Olive Oil Soap (Marseille-soap 300g) for the entire June proceeds to the Finnish Freshwater Foundation. The funds enable work to improve the condition of Finland's inland waters and preserve water-related cultural heritage.

May 2023 Goodie product

We are donating the proceeds of the Lunette Menstrual Cup Wipes to Plan International for work promoting menstrual health. 28.5. We celebrate International Menstrual Hygiene Day, and we campaign together to end menstrual discrimination. The plan promotes girl's rights and menstrual health by supporting the manufacture of reusable sanitary pads, building decent toilets in schools, and dismantling harmful beliefs and shame related to menstruation.

April 2023 Goodie product

We are donating the Salt of the Earth Crystal Salt Deodorant Classic, the entire April campaign proceeds, to the Ukrainian Association in Finland. The association provides humanitarian help for those suffering from the Russian war in Ukraine, e.g., aid to local humanitarian organizations.

March 2023 Goodie product

We are donating Circulove's SMOOTH Fermented Face Oil (30 ml), the entire March campaign proceeds, to the Helsinki Animal Protection Association, HESY ry. Donations are made to help homeless pets start a better life and find loving homes for the rest of their lives.

February 2023 Goodie product

We are donating Flow Cosmetics peppermint cream (130 ml) the entire February campaign proceeds to the A-klinikkasäätiö's Fragile Childhood activity. Donations will be used to support a chat service where professionals help young people in the evening.

January 2023 Goodie product

We will donate the proceeds of the January campaign of Instant Lion’s Mane drink powder to the Finnish Somalia Network for projects that promote youth education and employment in Somalia.

December 2022 Goodie product

We are donating the proceeds of the entire December campaign of Inkuto Shea Butter (natural, 250 g) to the International Solidarity Foundation to improve the status and livelihood of women and prevent violence against women in Somaliland and Kenya.

November 2022 Goodie product

We donate the proceeds of the November campaign of Mr. Bear Family Beard Oil (wilderness, 30ml) to Men+ Ry for the men’s mental health work. 

October 2022 Goodie product

We are donating the proceeds of the entire October campaign of Mettä nettle grits for the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation to protect Finnish forests.

September 2022 Goodie product

We are donating the proceeds of the entire September campaign of Flow Cosmetics Shampoo (marigold) to the Litter Movement, which has been persistently taking care of our environment for 22 years and empowering people to take personal action.

August 2022 Goodie product

We are donating the entire profit of Superfudgio Licorice Toffee to Fida International Ry for the "Eväät elämään" campaign, which targets Bangladesh in 2022 and the work being done there to prevent child marriage.

July 2022 Goodie product

We donate the entire July profit from the Nurme Tea Tree shampoo bar to Mieli Ry to promote mental health work.

June 2022 Goodie product

We are donating the entire profit of Ole Hyvä dishwashing concentrate (blood orange) in June to Sports & Development Project LiiKe, Matwaraa, for the center for young people with disabilities.

May 2022 Goodie product

We are donating the proceeds of the May campaign from Kaurilan Sauna's blackcurrant shampoo bar to UN Women Finland for gender equality work.

April 2022 Goodie product

We donate the proceeds of Mettä Nettle Crush (100 g) to Pilke magazine, which promotes the rights of sexual minorities and gender minorities.

March 2022 Goodie product

In March, all proceeds from Urtekram Liquid Lavender Hand Soap will be donated to the Raide ry Association, which aims to promote the well-being of young people, provide support and discussion assistance, and organize themed events and camps for young people.

February 2022 Goodie product

We donated all the proceeds of the English Tea Shop's chocolate and vanilla rooibos in February (€539.22) to the Association for Homeless Bulgarian Dogs.
The association will use the proceeds from the campaign to sterilize street dogs, cats, and other pets of low-income families.

By buying, you help: Choices make an impact!