Preparing skin for the sun
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Get ready for the sun!

During the winter months, skin gets used to the limited sunlight and can be dry, dull and very vulnerable to the sun. It's therefore a good idea to get your skin used to the sun well in advance of the hot summer days.

We recommend that you prepare your skin for the sun both internally and externally. For internal preparation, we recommend sun capsules, which help the skin absorb the sun's rays and support the development of a beautiful tan. Among the antioxidants, selenium protects cells and skin while copper also promotes normal skin pigmentation.

Externally, for example, carrot oils help prepare the skin for the sun and give it a beautiful and healthy glow. Winter's dullness can also be erased with a lightly exfoliating konjac sponge or a facial scrub with fruit acids and nourishing creams.

Tip: Moisturize your skin before going into the sun; it can limit the damage to the skin!