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Natural Sunscreens and Self Tanners

In our fantastic selection of sun care you'll find sun protection for face and body and for kids' sensitive skin. The physical or mineral filters used as UV protection in natural sunscreens work differently to the chemical filters used in 'normal' sunscreens, as they are not absorbed by the skin but act on the skin surface. While a chemical UV filter absorbs the sun's UV radiation, physical filters reflect it away from the skin and thus act as a protective barrier on the skin's surface.

Natural sunscreens are not only kind to the skin but also to the environment.

If you want a glowing tan without the sun, you can use self-tanners to give your skin a glow. They can also help you deepen and prolong your tan well into autumn. If you prefer a lighter effect, we recommend colored day creams and BB and CC creams with SPF for daily use. If there is no SPF or if it is low (10-20), it is recommended to use a separate sunscreen for the face under the cream in the summer.

Remember to prepare your skin well in advance in spring for the sun's rays, both internally and externally. Exposure to the sun dries out and stresses the skin, so remember to nourish and moisturize your skin even after sun exposure.

Moi Forest
Forest Dust Microbiome Magic Oil, 100 ml
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Moi Forest
Forest Dust Multipurpose Cream, 50 ml
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Evolve organic beauty
Climate Defence Facial Cream SPF30
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Moi Forest
Forest Dust Baby Cream, 50 ml
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