Power from green powders!

As winter approaches, many people feel drained. Diet might become a little  one-sided and you may lack some greens on your plate. Luckily, there is a handy solution!
Green powders and winter diet | Ruohonjuuri.com

Green powder is an easy way to increase your daily intake of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In particular, the chlorophyll, or leafy greens, contained in the powders are an important body building material that helps our bodies to regenerate. Leafy greens increase the amount of oxygen in our bodies, which in turn helps with detoxification. This also makes it harder for harmful bacteria to survive, as they cannot survive in an acid-rich environment.

When we increase the amount of green in our diet, our vitality is boosted and the effects can include increased energy, clearer skin, a more alert mind and faster digestive function.

Just one dose of green powder a day will reinvigorate your day and give your body a boost! You can take it on its own with water or add it to juices or smoothies. You'll find a wide range of different green powders at Ruohonjuuri - try one of these nutritional bombs, for example:

Foodin Green Powder: a truly versatile blend of nutrient-rich greens gently freeze-dried. Mild in taste, this powder makes it easy to start using green powders.

Cocovi Green Mix + Ginger: Ginger brings a fresh taste and its own health benefits to this green powder mix. Delicious!

Puhdistamo Premium Green Powder + Lactobacillus: This green powder mix also contains lactic acid bacteria! The benefits of both products come in one convenient jar.

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