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Pour Yourself a Lovely Cup of Something Hot!

Tea fans will be delighted and coffee cats will purr when browsing Ruohonjuuri's selections. Ruohonjuuri has delicious organic teas, which will dismiss dyspepsia, put wind in your sails, and help you drift off to sleep. Our coffee selection includes Fair Trade and organic coffees, as well as decaffeinated alternatives. We have a wide selection!

Chamomile Peach Tea, 20 bags
3,75 € Regular price 4,50 € Sale price
Good Sleep -herbal tea, 25 g
5,50 € Regular price 7,95 € Sale price
Yogi Tea
Men's Tea
4,99 €
Nordic For You
Raspberry Leaf Tea, 20 g
3,20 € Regular price 6,50 € Sale price
After Dinner Tea, 36 g
3,13 € Regular price 6,25 € Sale price