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Vitality for Your Life from Ruohonjuuri!

We have a fantastic selection of organic superfoods to improve your health, which also serves as a delicious and effective energy boost!

Our customers’ favorite superfoods include green powders,  maca powder,  chia seedsvirgin coconut oil and MCT oilschlorella and spirulinaberry powders, and raw cocoa products. Try them, and you’ll love them!

Superfoods are foods with superior nutritional density that were particularly prized by ancient cultures. When you add superfoods to your diet, you gain a huge number of nutritious “tools” in addition to exotic tastes, which you can use to maximize your performance or increase your other vibrancy.

Superfoods invariably contain vast amounts of nutrients that are important for the functioning of our body. As we nourish our bodies with indigenous, natural, and whole foods, our bodies continuously gain access to the nutrients that improve our health and performance. Our selection includes superfoods from well-known brands such as the following: Foodin, Puhdistamo, CocoVi, Arctic Warriors, Voimaruoka, etc.

Raw Food means food that is not cooked above 42 degrees Celsius. Raw food certainly does not have to mean moving in an ascetic direction: a health-conscious raw meal can very easily be a culinary delight - try our raw chocolate and be enchanted!

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Instant Lion´s Mane, 60 g
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Raw Chocolate Coated Goji-berries, 60 g
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Instant Mushroom Coffee, Lion’s Mane, 25 g
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Almonds, 500 g
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