Zero Waste – Sustainable instead of disposable

The fight against unnecessary plastic waste is moving forward: the European Commission banned disposable plastic products such as plastic straws, cotton buds, disposable cutlery and cocktail sticks. Dive in and explore!
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Preferring sustainable alternatives to disposable ones is smart for everyone – and can also reduce the amount of plastic waste in the oceans. The Ruohonjuuri online store offers a comprehensive range of reusable, zero-waste products that outperform disposables in terms of convenience and environmental friendliness. This more detailed presentation highlights a few of our smart options.

Zero Waste Alphabet – Steel Straws

Even if straws are not vitally important, sometimes its fun to drink with them. Apple wine vinegar drinks, in particular, should be consumed with a straw instead of drinking them straight from a glass, so that your tooth enamel is not damaged by the acidity.

Ruohonjuuri naturally offers sustainable and environmentally friendly straw alternatives as well: reusable steel and bamboo straws are very popular with customers.

Zero Waste alphabet – Beeswax wraps

The era of plastic wraps seems to be well and truly over. Reusable wrap made of beeswax looks set to replace disposable plastic solutions.

Alongside the classic Bee’s Wrap wrap, there’s now a Finnish option available. The wrap, handcrafted from Mesilä’s recycled fabric and Finnish beeswax, is conveniently bag-shaped; it’s easy to slip your snacks inside it.

Using beeswax wrap is easy as pie! Use the heat of your hands to soften the wrap, and wrap it tightly around the product you’re covering. After use, wash with cool water and reuse!

Zero Waste alphabet – menstrual cups

The menstrual cup is a pioneer in everyday eco-conscious actions. The menstrual cup, which replaces disposable sanitary towels and tampons, saves nature, money and nerves – and is even more comfortable compared to its non-ecological options. The menstrual cup lasts for years and saves quite a lot of waste!

By the way, did you know that Ruohonjuuri was the first company in the world to sell Lunette menstrual cups? The domestic Lunette menstrual cup is also known for its high quality and chemical-free composition. According to a Danish-Austrian study published in 2020, Lunette was the only menstrual cup brand with no harmful chemicals at all. (Fortunately, other brands only contained very few of them – but there were none in Lunette cups).

Zero Waste alphabet – drink bottles and durable mugs

Did you know that one steel or glass drinking bottle is equivalent to over a thousand plastic bottles? The advantage of durable bottles is that nothing separates into what you are drinking: when you drink from them, you only taste what you are supposed to. Anyone who has drunk water from a plastic bottle left for a few hours in the heat will know the difference!

More and more cafes give their customers a discount if they ask the drink to be poured in a mug they bring with them – we are thankful for this development! With the growth of takeaway culture, the sales of disposable cups has increased, and with it the amount of disposable waste. The problem is already noticeable on the shores of the Baltic Sea, for example. A reusable and refillable durable mug is a small but necessary step towards limiting waste. We also recommend encouraging cafés to reward users of durable mugs – even a small discount encourages people in the right direction. And of course it is already a step in the right direction that cafes agree to sell their products in customers’ own mugs in the first place – this should of course be clear to everyone.

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