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Multivitamin preparations are a good addition to secure the intake of all nutrients. Especially if your diet is one-sided, you are in good health, or your body is being tested, a multivitamin is a good and necessary choice. Individual vitamins eventually accumulate much to take, so a multivitamin is quite a worry-free choice.

Multivitamins and other vitamins 

As the name suggests, multivitamins contain several different vitamins, so you should be careful if you use other vitamin preparations with a multivitamin. A multivitamin is usually quite sufficient as a general vitamin. Still, if you know that you suffer from a deficiency of a certain vitamin or trace element, for example, iron, it may be necessary to take the product in question with the multivitamin. When using vitamins together, you should ask our customer service representatives for advice, as they are professionals trained by nutrition therapists and know how to navigate through the vitamin jungle

Ruohonjuuri’s multivitamins 

Ruohonjuuri has a comprehensive selection of high-quality and effective vitamins curated by our experts. There can be big differences in the absorption of vitamins, and especially in multivitamins, the synergy of correctly selected ingredients is emphasized. The multivitamins chosen for the Ruohonjuuri are safe, as natural as possible, and made in a nature-friendly way. Our selection includes multivitamins in different forms; there are drinkable, sprayable, and capsule multivitamin preparations.

How do I choose the right multivitamin for me?

Multivitamins are often designed separately for men, women, and children or special needs of the body, such as, for example, multivitamins during pregnancy. Multivitamins for vegans focus on replacing the nutrients usually obtained from animal products. There is a multivitamin for the skin's well-being and for those who do thinking work. So choose a multivitamin for your body's current needs.

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Morning Complex, 60 pcs
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Living Multivitamin Man, 85 g
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