Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program

Collect cones and see the forest from the trees!

Become a part of our customer loyalty program at Ruohonjuuri and collect more benefits: snacks for a good life and well-being.

How does the loyalty program work?


Register as a loyal customer and collect cones.


Collect cones

You get cones in your basket for every purchase. 1€ = 1 cone

Collect the harvest

Anything can grow from cones. Enjoy the harvest!


Collect cones and see the forest from the trees!

By collecting cones, you can easily save on your purchases. When you have enough cones in your basket, you can easily use the accumulated advantage at an online store or store checkout.

5 €

250 cones

10 €

500 cones

15 €

750 cones

20 €

1000 cones

More information about the customer loyalty program

Read more about Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program and the messages sent to customers, and familiarize yourself with the rules of the loyalty program.


More benefits from our partners

With the Ruohonjuuri loyalty card, you get discounts on the diverse services of our numerous partners, which promote comprehensive well-being. Together, we are more!

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