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Natural cosmetics for youthful skin!

Puberty is the first time teenagers deal with impurities on the skin: blackheads, dry patches, and the common roller coaster of hormonal changes. You should avoid using harsh skincare products during your teenage years. They tend to wash away the skin’s natural protection and can cause surface dryness, more impurities, and irritation. Even if the temptation for deep cleansing occurs, it’s recommended to favor mild facial cleansing products. You don’t want to over-wash or over-treat your skin; it can be damaging! 

Because skin gathers dirt and dust during the day, cleaning milk and micellar waters are ideal for youthful skin. If you use makeup, we recommend you learn about double cleansing. The first step is to use oil-based cleansers that are gentle for the skin but effective in removing any makeup. In the second step of double cleansing, you wash your face with a water-based product like micellar water or toner. And don’t forget to moisturize your young skin! 

Tip: Don’t pop your pimples! Try applying a bit of tea tree oil, diluted with water, directly to the pimple or acne. Tea tree oil will help clear the infection and kill any remaining bacteria.