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Zero Waste is a way of thinking that aims for a waste-free world. Waste refers to everything that cannot be recycled (such as mixed and energy waste). Plastic, in particular, is a problematic material. Reducing the amount of plastic is easy and effortless with zero-waste products of Ruohonjuuri!

Our selection includes Bee's Wrap beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap, steel drinking straws, and Mable and Humble Brush bamboo toothbrushes. Of course, all natural cosmetics sold in our stores are free of harmful microplastics.

You can take small steps towards reducing plastic — a great river is made of small streams.

When you place an order with our online store, you can rest assured that we will pack the products ecologically, without plastic. Read more about Ruohonjuuri's online store >>

Also take a look at Ruohonjuuri's selection of carbon neutral products >> 

Glass Beverage Bottle, Dream Glacier, 0,65 L
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Yarrow, 20 g
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Sanitary Pads 3 pcs, white, medium
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