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The Highest Quality Vitamins from Ruohonjuuri!

Ruohonjuuri's selection includes high-quality and reliable vitamin preparations for women, men and children to supplement a normal varied diet and provide energy to face the day. Multivitamin preparations are a great way of ensuring that you get all the nutrients you need if you are putting your body to the test. Vitamins have power!

  • Vitamin A for healthy skin and vision, and a strong immune system!
  • Vitamin B for healthy nervous and immune systems, and skin!
  • Vitamin C to boost your resistance and reduce fatigue!
  • Vitamin D to invigorate you and boost your resistance
  • Vitamin E protects your cells
  • Vitamin K for healthy bones 

OmniVegan Multivitamin, 103 g
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Super Vitamin D 100ug, 240 caps
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Super Vitamin B Complex, 80 g, 120 pcs
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Super D 125 ug, 30 caps
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OmniVega Vitamin B12, 28 g
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