Vitamins for Kids
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High-quality and safe children's vitamins and supplements

Children’s vitamins are often needed because children’s diets, just like adults, may not have enough variety - at least not every day! Water-soluble vitamins (vitamins C and B) should be taken daily, and the need for vitamin D should also be cared for year-round.

Children’s vitamins - easy to enjoy 

Children’s vitamins should be easy to take. A spray-shaped, good-tasting children’s vitamin is an excellent solution – and there are varieties for adult capsules too! For small babies, a drop-form vitamin is often preferred. Even for older children, the tablets should be small and easy to swallow, or the capsule must be easily opened so that the children’s vitamins can be mixed, for example, with berry juice.

Ruohonjuuri’s children’s vitamins 

At Ruohonjuuri, you will find a diverse, high-quality, and reliable range of nutritional supplements curated by experts to complement the varied diet of your child. Children's vitamins can be found in multiple forms: spray, drops, chewable tablets, small capsules, and even candy! On the contrary, you should be careful that children’s vitamins are out of their reach. Our staff, trained by a nutritionist, is happy to help with children’s vitamins online and in stores.