Product Selection Principles

Let's make the world a better place — one product at a time

Close cooperation with suppliers is close to our hearts at Ruohonjuuri. Relationships based on trust also benefit our customers in the form of better products, as we are happy to receive product requests and to answer even the most intricate questions.

 Happy Food Store's Product Selection Principles

We want to be the first in the Nordic countries to offer our customers the best products. It´s important for us to understand the backgrounds of our products. That is one of the reasons why we work closely with the companies that manufacture and import our products. We believe that the world will become a better place, one product at a time and by working together.

We do our best to ensure that products selected for our online store are as popular as possible among our well-informed customers, who stay abreast of the times. That is also why we strive for the best possible supplier cooperation and commercial relationships that promote the success of all parties. We are all about fairness, rather than pushing down prices and dictating our terms on our suppliers — this is a matter of honor and an everyday issue for us.

Cooperation is extremely good between suppliers and Ruohonjuuri

In May 2018, we conducted a survey of suppliers on how satisfied they were about cooperation with Ruohonjuuri. The results were amazing: around 36% of the respondents gave us a full ten for smooth cooperation (46% gave a score of nine and 18% gave us eight — none of our overall scores were lower than this).

The best scores were for communication (around 48% of respondents gave a full ten) and fair play (44% of respondents thought that we deserved a full ten in terms of fulfilling our promises).

Although the results of the survey were rather flattering, it revealed areas in need of development, on which we have already begun to work.

We have long traditions of cooperation with many suppliers

Happy Food Store has long traditions of cooperation with many suppliers

For example, there is rather a long tradition of cooperation between Ruohonjuuri and Aduki: we have been working together on amazing tatami products for 34 years.  

“We have always shared a similar vision of organic and fair trade principles, and huge enthusiasm for new products. We are extremely proud of this,” say Lea and Olli, the founders of Aduki.

In addition, cooperation between, for example, Frantsila and Ruohonjuuri has been underway for a long time — at least since 1996. 

“I remember visiting Ruohonjuuri for the first time in the old VR warehouses opposite the Parliament building, but they were still quite a small business then. Our cooperation has always been good and worked extremely well, and we have understood each other, growing together over a long period,” says Timo Mantere of Frantsila.

We continuously renew our product range in line with product requests

Almost without exception, our partners would like to thank the customers of Ruohonjuuri, whose enlightened product requests have added many hit products to our selections. Our suppliers find our customers extremely quality-conscious and interested in the background of products. The flow of questions from our customers inspires suppliers to learn even more about their products.

Every day, we are offered a huge variety of products to add to our range. Clearly, not all of them end up on our ‘shelves’. We are happy to give direct feedback on the products offered to us and sincerely believe that our honest comments will help the products make their way into the world in the long run — even if receiving a negative decision seldom feels good.

Happy Food Store's Product Selection Principles

Jussi and Johanna (and other Ruohonjuuri people who actively influenced our product range) give their sincere thanks for this trust, and promise to continue doing their utmost to ensure that the best products find their way into the hearts of their customers — on the basis of positive-spirited, strong cooperation.

Offering new products for the range

See our instructions for suppliers if you want to offer your products for inclusion in Ruohonjuuri’s product range. 

If you have product wishes, you can tell us by using this form >>