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Cherish Your Complexion With Nature's Nurturing Ingredients!

Natural cosmetics of Ruohonjuuri are friendly to both the skin and the environment. Ruohonjuuri's natural cosmetics products, or their ingredients, have not been tested on animals.

Organic raw materials with traceable origins are preferred in the manufacture of natural cosmetics. Plant-based raw materials with certified organic quality are favored. No endangered plants are included. The use of genetically modified raw materials is prohibited. Sourcing of mineral-rich raw materials must not destroy the landscape or pollute the environment. Use of synthetic fragrances, oils, greases, and dyes is not permitted. Silicones and mineral oils, such as paraffin and petroleum jelly, are also prohibited. Animal fats and proteins such as lard, tallow, and animal collagens are not allowed.

Natural cosmetics is about the beauty that is more than skin deep – beauty that cherishes wildflowers. Natural cosmetics is based on the wisdom and power of nature. 

Red Clover Cleansing Gel, 100 ml
9,95 € Regular price 18,50 € Sale price
Activated Charcoal Floss
1,99 € Regular price 7,50 € Sale price
Turmeric Bakuchiol Skin-Glow Elixir, 30 ml
19,95 € Regular price 49,95 € Sale price
Marula, Tetra C, Ferulic Acid Radiance Booster, 30 ml
24,95 € Regular price 59,95 € Sale price
Activated Charcoal Floss, Refill Package
1,99 € Regular price 9,99 € Sale price
Polar Nutrition
Xylitol tablets, Sea Buckthorn, 45 g
3,95 € Regular price 4,95 € Sale price
The Good Guys
Kombucha-soap, Lavender & Orange, 100 g
10,80 € Regular price 13,50 € Sale price
Time Miracle Sleep & Peel Overnight Serum, 30 ml
39,95 € Regular price 51,50 € Sale price