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Cleanse, dye, and condition your hair with natural cosmetics! 

You will find a captivating collection of natural cosmetic products for hair care and dyeing in the Ruohonjuuri selection.

In our range of products, you are going to find the best products to pamper your hair: 

  • Cleanse your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner; we have multiple options for different hair types! 
  • Nourish and deeply moisturize your hair with a hair mask  
  • Add life and hue to your hair with plant-based hair dye
  • Take good care of your scalp with eco-friendly brushes and combs 

Tip: Check out nutritional supplements; healthy hair starts within!

Saaren Taika
Sea buckthornshampoo (shampoo bar), 90g
20,95 € Regular price 27,95 € Sale price
Saaren Taika
Green Tea & Chamomile shampoo bar, 105 g
20,00 € Regular price 27,95 € Sale price