Kids’ Skin
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Take care of your kid’s skin with natural cosmetics! 

A baby’s skin is 20–30% thinner than a grownup’s skin. It has the same number of layers, but each layer is thinner, making it especially delicate and sensitive, so it should be protected from the sun and the cold winter air! Take a look at our best and safest sunblocks for your children: physical sunscreens! Use sensitive products on your kid’s skin and avoid overtreating sensitive skin. 

Shea butter is good for protecting delicate skin and adding moisture if it needs extra moisture. Pure shea butter doesn't contain added chemicals, sulfates, parabens, or preservatives, so you don’t have to worry about those affecting your baby’s skin! 

Tip: Gently massaging the baby’s skin with natural oils also helps nourish and moisturize it.