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Natural Cosmetics Face Cream Pampers Your Complexion with Nature's Own Ingredients!

The Ruohonjuuri selection includes face creams suitable for every skin type. Our numerous face creams include choices for both young people and adults. Many face creams can be used in the morning and evening, but you will also find protective day creams and rejuvenating night creams at Ruohonjuuri.  

Ruohonjuuri's natural cosmetics are friendly to both the skin and the environment. None of our cosmetics products contain microplastics. Neither Ruohonjuuri's natural cosmetics products nor their ingredients have been tested on animals.

Nourishing Cream, 50 ml
36,95 € Regular price 42,95 € Sale price
Rimita Green
RimitaTriple Facial Cream, Sea Buckthorn & Rosemary, 50 ml
27,95 € Regular price 32,95 € Sale price
Balm Balm
Tea Tree Face Balm, 30 ml
9,95 € Regular price 11,95 € Sale price
Rokua Skincare
ROKUA Skincare SPF15 Face Moisturizer, 50 ml
54,95 € Regular price 65,50 € Sale price
SOS Hydra Recharge Cream, Pink Ribbon, 50 ml
29,95 € Regular price 36,95 € Sale price