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Natural cosmetics face cream to nourish your skin!

In the Ruohonjuuri selection, you can find the perfect face cream for every skin type. No matter your age, we have the best facial creams for your skin!

In general, face creams are used in the morning and night, but we also have protective day creams and skin-repairing night creams. Usually, night creams are richer and more nourishing than day creams. Skin regenerates and repairs itself during the night, which is why night creams are usually filled with restorative and repairing ingredients. During the day, the skin needs protection, from UV radiation and air pollution. Day creams are packed full of protective features and ingredients. Note that you should cleanse the skin from SPF products before bed! Sunscreen needs an oil-based cleansing product.

Day cream can be used as it is or mixed with a few drops of serum or facial oil to boost the moisturizer, depending on what the skin needs. Facial cream absorbs best if the skin is already moist, so use a toner or serum before adding facial cream.

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All-around balm, 15 ml
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Shea butter, 50 ml
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