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Vegan Products Are a Choice on Behalf of a Better World. They are free of ingredients of animal origin, being a choice that respects life in several ways. Many vegan products have a smaller carbon footprint than non-vegan products.

The rich selection of Ruohonjuuri includes many vegan products: more than half of our products are vegan.

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Puhdas +
Beauty Oil, Tea Tree, 10 ml
7,50 €
Electrolyte powder, Lemon-Lime, 240 g
15,95 € Regular price 19,95 € Sale price
OmniVegan Multivitamin, 103 g
8,09 € Regular price 26,95 € Sale price
Emma noel
Olive Oil Soap (Marseille Soap), 300 g
4,90 € Regular price 6,50 € Sale price