Laundry Vinegar Pine, 500 ml

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In celebration of the anniversary, Ruohonjuuri and Ole Hyvä have teamed up to create this great nature-loving laundry vinegar that keeps laundry soft, colours bright and even keeps the machine clean.


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Laundry vinegar is a good substitute for fabric softener!

Ruohonjuuri and Ole Hyvä collaborated to create this nature-loving laundry vinegar, a convenient replacement for fabric softener. The laundry vinegar makes laundry wonderfully soft, reducing its electricity and removing detergent residue. The vinegar brightens up the colours of the laundry while protecting white laundry from yellowing. Vinegar even takes care of the washing machine, as it prevents build-up of deposits in the washing machine.

Dosage: put three corkfuls of vinegar in your washing machine's rinse aid tank instead of regular rinse aid.


Vinegar > 5 %, contains pine essential oil. pH approx. 3.

  • Origin Finland
  • EAN: 6430022658004
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