Good Goes Around

Ruohonjuuri passes it forward!

Did you know that Ruohonjuuri outlets give to charity every single month? We donate and contribute tens of thousands of euros a year to around 500 organizations and projects that are seeking to improve the world. In addition to donations of merchandise, each month we donate the earnings from our monthly do-good product to a different cause. Recipients of the Ruohonjuuri Grant and Award are selected annually.

On the basis of our customers’ suggestions, we choose the broadest possible range of projects and organizations working towards a better world, as recipients of our donations.

So we’d like to give a big thank you to all our customers for using our services — without you, the donations would not have been possible!

Ruohonjuuri pays it forward! 

You can find all the good things we did during 2020 on our blog.

Ruohonjuuri has overcompensated its emissions

In 2020, Ruohonjuuri also gave a gift to our planet. We are overcompensating our company's emissions over 100% - not only this year but also for about ten years ahead: Ruohonjuuri has recently planted spruce forest found in Finland, Sotkamo (64 ° 06'09.8 "N 27 ° 56'15.7" E). In connection with forest protection, we gave the Ruohonjuuri Award 2020 to The Finnish Nature League's Forest Group, which works diligently for our forest nature.