Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program rules

Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program rules

Joining Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program and setting up a customer account
Anyone at least 18 years old with an active e-mail address can join the Loyalty Customer Program. Business customers cannot participate as loyalty customers. 
You can join the program at the Ruohonjure online store or in the Ruohonjuuri store you prefer. Membership is free, and the loyalty program's benefits can be used immediately after registration.


Join the loyalty program online: 

Create a customer account in the Ruohonjuuri online store. Registration in the Online Store automatically connects you as a customer. You can see your customer account information and collected benefits on your own page.

Ruohonjuuri's loyalty customer programs customer information
Membership in the loyalty program requires the customer to provide an active e-mail address and their first and last name. The e-mail address provided by the customer serves as the user ID of the loyalty program when logging into the customer account of the Ruohonjuuri online store. For online store deliveries, the customer must provide address information and a mobile phone number for arrival notification. When connecting to the data in the store, the customer's postal code can also be saved for store-specific communication.

Customer information must be reported correctly and up-to-date. If the information later changes, the address and phone number information displayed in the customer's address information can be updated by logging into the account. It is not possible to update the e-mail address connected to the customer account or the account name information (first and last name) yourself, but you can update them by contacting customer service.
Membership in the loyalty program is personal, and there are no parallel cards in the program. One person can only have one loyalty program membership. If more than one loyalty account has been created for the same person by mistake, the customer accounts cannot be combined later. If the customer wants to terminate an additional loyalty account, the customer should contact customer service. The benefits accumulated in the account can be transferred to the account that remains in use, but unfortunately, purchase transactions cannot be transferred to the customer's account.
From the attached link, you can view the privacy policy regarding the processing of personal data of regular customers.


Loyalty program benefits
You get cones when purchases are made in the Ruohonjuuri online store while logged into your customer account. For every purchase euro, you get one cone; i.e., for purchases that cost €12.55, you get 12 cones. Later in spring 2021, cones can also be collected from purchases made in the store by registering a loyalty card at the cash register in the Ruohonjuuri store.
Cones can also be collected in other ways:
  • Creating an account in the online store: 25 cones
  • Following Ruohonjuuri’s Instagram account: 10 cones
  • Following Ruohonjuuri's Facebook page: 10 cones
  • writing a product review for a purchased product via a review request received by email: 20 cones
  • Adding a photo or video to a review via a review request received by email: 10 cones (when the photo or video has been approved for publication)

Loyalty program purchases are only recorded afterward if the card is registered at the cash register or the purchase is made in the online store without logging in. Online store purchases are updated to customer information in the online store when the online store order has been processed and you receive a delivery confirmation.
Loyalty program communication
Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program communication takes place mainly by email or text message, so keeping your e-mail address and phone number up to date is important.

Customer communication is a solid part of the loyalty program and cannot be canceled. Customer communication contains information about Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program customers and matters related to the customer program, for example, changes to benefits or rules. Communication in possible crisis or disruption situations is also included in customer communication.

Marketing communication is essential to Ruohonjuuri's loyalty customer program, as the customer receives information about their benefits through Ruohonjuuri's newsletters. The newsletters tell about benefits, campaigns, and current new products. The newsletter subscription can be canceled via the link at the end of the newsletter or by contacting Ruohonjuuri's customer service( 

Changing the conditions and canceling Ruohonjuuri's loyalty program contract
Ruohonjuuri has the right to change the loyalty terms and the content of the loyalty program. Substantial changes are communicated to loyalty customers by email or text message. Minor changes will be announced on Ruohonjuuri's website.

Ruohonjuuri's loyalty customer program can be ended by emailing customer service ( or by phone.
Ruohonjuuri has the right to terminate the loyalty customership after two years (24 months) from the last purchase recorded in the loyalty program account, either in the online store or store.