Coconut Oil, MCT Oil and Caprylic Acid
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Coconut Oil, MCT Oil and Caprylic Acid – That’s Three Tough Guys to Help You Stay Healthy!

The amazingly versatile coconut oil is a delight in the kitchen and the bathroom – equally perfect for skin care and cooking.

Power-packed MCT oil has become hugely popular among people keen to optimize their performance, shed pounds and follow the trends. With MCT oil, even intermittent fasting is child’s play: Morning coffee enriched with MCT oil (also known as bulletproof coffee), will keep you going for half a day. Try it out and experience its power! 

Many people feel that caprylic acid – which is also made of coconut and has become a major rival for MCT oil – has added new dimensions to bulletproof coffee. Try it out to see how it works for you!