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The Alteya Organics series is a tribute to nature’s most beautiful flowers: Bulgarian roses and soothing lavender. Its sublime mission is to elevate the holistic care effects of the Damascena rose to world fame - and maybe to beautify your skin too?
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 Alteya Organics was founded in 1999, but the knowledge of cultivating roses has been in the family of the brand's founders since the beginning of the 20th century.

Alteya uses damask roses that they grow on their own farms in Bulgaria. Alteya Organics grows its own flowers and produces its own essential oils and flower water. The products in the series contain many different caring plants that grow in ecologically certified areas in the Balkan Mountains.

For Alteya Organics, especially damask roses and their caring properties are close to the heart. The high-quality products are based on traditional knowledge and adapted to today's skincare needs - and let organic rose oil (Rose Otto) do small miracles on your skin every day!

Most skin care products contain Bulgarian rose oil (Rose Otto), which is made from the petals of damask roses growing in Bulgaria. The roses are grown on Alteya Organic's own farms and the petals are distilled into a rose oil with a unique method that enables the caring ingredients to be preserved in an optimal way. Modern technology and traditional knowledge are combined in a unique way in these luxury products.

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Alteya Organic's multifunctional creams melt hearts

Alteya Organic Rose Wonder Balm (Organic Rose Otto Wonder Balm) is a fantastic multifunctional cream that has also been called the savior of dry skin for a good reason. This unbeatably effective cream makes you believe in miracles!

The versatile cream powerfully renews the skin, nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes dry skin! Thanks to this miracle cream, even the most challenging skin gets an opportunity to become beautiful and sparkle of life!

The Rose cream is a superhero that is good for dry lips, elbows, hands and feet and other dry areas. The nutritious and rejuvenating wonder ointment works its magic on the skin and balances moisture-poor skin.

The lavender multifunctional series saves many problems!

Once your elbows have hardened, your lips are a chap, bug bites or your skin is desert dry, Alteya Organics Series Lavender All-Purpose Cream rushes to your aid!

Lavender Multi-Functional Cream, which helps men and women on the road, moisturizes, smoothes and balances the skin - and also heals small skin infections.

As an active ingredient in the multifunctional cream, lavender oil helps the skin to regenerate, leaving the complexion glowing beautifully. Lavender all-purpose cream is a great choice for use on hands, feet, elbows, lips, wounds and skin irritations.

Melissa water refreshes and brings help to impure skin

The Melissa flower water from the Alteya Organics series gives freshness and vitality to tired skin! The lovely melissa water that awakens your lovely skin will remove impurities, soothe irritated skin and bring relief to small skin inflammations.

First-class melissa water is made by distilling 100% fresh, authentic melissa flowers - in this floral water all of Melissa's valuable ingredients are visibly stored and ready to treat your skin gently and naturally

Chamomile water treats the most sensitive complexion

Chamomile water is the supreme friend of sensitive skin! Chamomile water, which effectively treats small skin inflammations and soothes irritated skin with its gentleness, invigorates and calms your wonderful skin!

Chamomile water from the Alteya Organics series is great for sensitive skin, as it contains only pure chamomile flower water. Chamomile flower water is also effective in helping skin impurities and inflammatory conditions.

Lavender flower water soothes the skin and mind

Lavender flower water helps to soothe small inflammatory conditions in the skin, soothes redness and treats even the most sore spots on its way.

Alteya Organics 100% organic, distilled Lavender Water is made from fresh, authentic lavender flowers, which are the valuable raw materials for ethereal lavender oil with superior therapeutic effects.

Rose water is a diamond choice for adult skin

Alteya Organics Series Rose Water is a luxuriously scented life partner that invigorates tired skin by revitalizing and renewing its functions! The authentic 100% Rose Flower Water, which has an uplifting scent, balances the skin while deeply cleansing it.

By the way, did you know that the flower waters of the Alteya Organics series are so pure, that they are also perfect for use in the kitchen?

Edible products and ingredients for homemade cosmetics

The Alteya Organics series also contains ingredients for edible and home cosmetics. You can eat your skin wonderfully with the help of rosehips rich in vitamin C and carotenoids. You can soothe your mind and body with the charming-scented lavender flowers - top-quality lavender which also the sleep promotion center warmly recommends! The calendula packed by Alteya Organics, in turn, brings a natural healing effect to the cans of home cosmetics.

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