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Flow Cosmetics products to take care of people on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. Flow Cosmetics and their look were completely renewed and novelties have increasingly focused on aromatherapeutic effects. Read more and be charmed!
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Flow Cosmetics and their look were completely renewed, and a whole set of new products was introduced alongside the familiar long-time favorites.

“The novelties have increasingly focused on aromatherapeutic effects. In addition, our latest innovation is adding crystal energy to some products, because stones also have their own vibration,” Riitta Jänkälä, founder of the Flow Cosmetics brand, points out.

Some of the new products are designed to balance the chakras, as Flow Cosmetics aims to provide not only high-quality products but also deeper healing properties.

“We want our products to take care of people on all levels – body, mind and spirit, Riitta says.

Flow Cosmetics’ body soaps also pamper the chakra

“They’re not just excellent soaps: the selected authentic aromatherapy scents and colors also have a message to users that balances each chakra. In addition to the soaps, cream bars are a novelty launch, and pairs are available for each soap. The therapeutic-quality essential oils they contain also complement the daily skincare ritual and contribute to overall wellbeing,” Riitta explains, and reveals a little more about chakras: 

“There are seven different main chakras in our body. They’re the rotating energy centers in our body, through which we receive the life energy that circulates in the energy channels or meridians of the body.

“The negative events and things we experience during our lives cause blockages in our chakras. Harmful beliefs and thought patterns are activated over and over again in the similar situations in which they were born. Blockages manifest as negative emotions, lack of energy, fatigue, fear, depression, various ailments and illnesses. There is life energy all around us. We receive it from the environment, the sun, plants, stones, colors, food, our way of life and other people. In order for our life energy to flow freely and for us to live a full life, these chakra blockages should be cleared. 

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“Genuine essential oils with high-vibration energy suitable for each chakra help to clear energy blockages – raise emotions to the surface and let them go – and to feel better. Positive thoughts and gratitude also elevate our vibrations, as do yoga, meditation, beautiful music, sound bowl therapy, stone energy, colors, affirmations, reiki and other energy therapies, nutritious food and healthy lifestyles.

 “And it doesn't matter if you don't know anything about the chakras: you can just choose the product according to the scent you like, or even the affirmation that appeals to you in the package. Affirmations remind us that we create our own lives. When negative thoughts take over our minds, they remind us that it is time to turn the tide and think good thoughts – the things we hope to have in our lives,” Riitta advises.

This fall, the Flow Cosmetics chakra series will be further complemented with essential oil blends and perfume oils.

Flow Takes Care of the Body Holistically

The idea of natural cosmetics that take care of the body more holistically did not appear out of nowhere. Rather, this reform has been brewing in Jänkälä's mind for a long time – actually directly from the very beginning of the company. Riitta feels that the time is ripe now, because a larger number of people are increasingly interested in their mental wellbeing as well. 

Riitta from Flow Cosmetics says her own favorite product always changes, depending on how she’s feeling. Currently, her own favorite product is Arctic Beauty Oil, where the combination of Finnish, vitamin-rich berry oils effectively treats dry and experienced complexion.

Arctic Beauty Oil strengthens and brightens the skin, making it feel more elastic. In addition, the product contains essential oil of neroli and rose as well as frankincense, which is a relaxing and stress-relieving blend. I especially like the feminine neroli that is the most dominant part. It makes me feel good,” Riitta relates.

The pioneer of Finnish natural cosmetics is especially proud about the brand new conditioner bars from Flow Cosmetics. As a result of long development work, a conditioner bar was finally developed that does not contain environmentally harmful ingredients, such as quats. All the ingredients in the Flow Cosmetics conditioner bar meet the criteria for certified natural cosmetics, and yet match hair salon quality.  

“It hasn’t been possible in the past to make good and effective conditioner bars without quats, which are toxic to aquatic organisms. This is the reason why we have not created a conditioner bar before,” Riitta clarifies.

Flow Cosmetics' innovative conditioner bar is very rich, and only a small amount rubbed into the hair after washing is enough to give shine and untangle one’s hair. 

“This is a long-needed companion to our shampoo bar! It also creates minimal waste: the cardboard packaging can be burnt or recycled,” Riitta enthuses.

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What does a veteran of natural cosmetics recommend as a skin care aid for a person suffering from stress and lack of time?

Amethyst body polish for the whole body is a stress-relieving product. The exfoliating agent can be worn even in the sauna to increase the effect, and in the end it can be rinsed off and the skin towel-dried. You don’t need a moisturizer when it’s included in the product. At the same time, the exfoliator leaves a beautiful glow on the skin. In addition to salt and vegetable oils, the amethyst body polish contains Finnish blueberry and a wonderful stress-relieving combination of essential oils and amethyst as a powder. Amethyst is known as a healing stone that relieves stress and improves sleep quality,” Riitta says in recommendation.

Spirit Awakens soap bar is also ideal for those suffering from stress, since its luxurious essential oils help the mind to relax and get rid of stress. 

Also, the feminine Touch of Love soap bar may well be useful, as its scent is relaxing, comforting and soothing to the mind.

What, then, to help those who long for recreation and vitality in their lives? 

“Coconut lemon scrub contains lemon oil, which has a refreshing and energizing as well as mood-boosting effect. Of the soap and cream bars, Good Vibrations and True Expression are great choices: both have a refreshing and invigorating scent. True Expression, on the other hand, clarifies and stimulates your thoughts. Good Vibrations relieves exhaustion and brings about a positive mindset. 

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