Ayurveda and Seasons - AUTUMN

The changing of the seasons is one of many things that affect our well-being that needs support at different times. Especially at the turning point of the season, it's important to take into account the skincare routines and adapt them to the seasons.
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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda literally stands for the science of life (ayur) (veda). It''s often called the world's oldest medical system and Ayurveda can be helpful even when it comes to our modern ailments.

Ayurveda's basic idea is simple: opposite properties balance each other while a similar property increases the imbalance. Since the goal is harmony between body, mind and soul, the diet and lifestyle are adapted to the seasons. In the winter you strive to warm up your body and soul and in the summer the focus is on cooling off the heat.

Ayurveda and Autumn

From an Ayurvedic point of view, autumn is a vata season when the weather is often windy and cold. The air is in motion and a view for change is on the horizon. In the autumn, many are ready for something new: like starting a new hobby or learning new things. It is smart to use your creativity as winter is coming soon, which is the time to rest and save energy. However, it's important to do it in moderation: even if you have a lot of energy, it's good to set boundaries. Although you are interested in many different things, it's important to prioritize.

In the autumn, everyday life begins and it can feel tough to meet all the challenges after the summer. Clear and regular routines make everyday life easier. In addition, breathing exercises and meditation increase calmness and balance.

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Autumn is dominated by vata that brings movement and change. To balance, we need measures that make us feel grounded. Then we go into the forest to breathe and walk: we have our feet firmly on the ground. To avoid the challenges of a cold season, we enjoy invigorating spices: turmeric latte and ginger drink are among the best healthy drinks in the autumn!

The autumn winds and storms bring with them a need to update the skincare routine. In the autumn, the day cream may be fuller and more nourishing than in the summer. In addition, it's important to add good fatty acids to the food to take care of the skin even from the inside.